ShadowGuard: DragonLore
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You find yourself in a strange land with what seems like nothing but forest all around you. From deep within the forest you hear what sounds like roars and sounds of battle. Looking further up into the sky you see some sort of winged creatures flying around.

Not knowing what the hell is going on, you start to turn around and go back the way you came...
"Hey, You there!"
Startled, you turn to see a very, very old man with a knarled walking stick walking very quickly toward you.
"Who me?" you manage to get out.
He grins. "Well o'course YOU, ya see anyone else here? You be the one that was told about!"
uhh no, I really don't think so..." you reply.
The old man seems to Ignore you, "Me name is Edo Sennin, and don't ye be confusing me with me crazy brother. He is the pervert hermit that lives in the forest. Now, if you could give me your name, we can ge started.."

""Errr my name is "